Amalati helps you focus on work that matters

Collaborate efficiently with two simple and connected tools.
Trees to define value, vision, priority and purpose. 
Boards to move work forward.

Work can be complicated, your tools don't have to be.

Amalati is based on 2 simple tools seamlessly connected.

Trees for breaking down and structuring your ‘big picture’ and boards for tracking the work all the way to ‘Done’

Collaborate on the 'big picture' tree

A tree is perfect to lay out your idea, product or even the whole company structure - whatever your 'big picture' is.

Invite your team or stakeholders to work on it in real time so that everyone is on the same page.

Execute and track work using boards

Seamlessly transition from the big picture on trees to the daily to-dos needed to make the big picture a reality on boards.

Transform your plans into actual work that can be estimated, progressed and tracked.

Organise everything with tags

Tags help you extend the context and work with information more easily.

Create and assign tags on the fly, filter by them and create boards directly from tags!

View example trees

Amalati is useful for anything from running your company to a birthday party. Explore our examples for inspiration for what you can build. 

Check out our pricing

We have just one paid plan – Unlimited.
From just you to a whole team and beyond, you’ll find our pricing simple and fair.

Are you ready for a simpler tool?

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